Full-Service Weddings, Elopements, Styling & Events

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Full-Service Events

Pricing begins at $1800. Includes delivery and on-site installations.

Design Options:

Bouquets   |   Boutonnieres   |   Floral crowns or hairpieces   |   Corsages   |   Cocktail table arrangements   |  Centerpieces  | Bar decor/tablescape   |  Altars & arches   |   Floor vignettes   |  Wall-mounted or floating installations   |   Welcome Signage  |  Chair decor   |   Cake flowers


Options include all those listed above. Pricing beings at $450.


À la Carte 

Hand-tied Bouquets – small to large – $90-350

Boutonnieres / Corsages  – $25-45

Floral Crowns / Hairpieces – $40-150

Centrepieces – small to large – $60-350

Cake flowers – small to medium – $45-100

Arches / installations – $250-1000+

Event Bookings

Please note: A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required for general events, however 6-8 weeks’ notice is recommended for weddings or custom design requests.



What can I expect to spend on sustainable flowers and floral design work?

We strive to increase our industry’s sustainability from a workers’ perspective as much as an environmental lens – our pricing reflects fair pay for farmers and florists and the hard work that goes into growing each bloom. There are sustainable options for all budgets. If a large, “flower-forward” wedding is your goal, the cost increases with the size, fullness and complexity of the piece. Selecting seasonal à  la carte options or purchasing DIY buckets of local flowers are great options for a smaller floral budget.


What does a floral designer do?

Floral designers work with the colour, texture, shape and space of flowers to create a work of art unique to you and your event. For a wedding or event, floral designers can turn your whimsical, nature-inspired dreams into reality. At the start of the design process, we gather information from the couple about what experience they want from their wedding florals and use our creativity and knowledge to create and execute a plan. Our job entails creating a design plan and budget, sourcing high quality, local flowers, processing them, and then using our skill and creativity to design floral elements that we hope speaks to the couple’s vision for their wedding day. In addition, delivery, set up and take down of pieces on-site is necessary for certain designs and included in our total design package.


What makes flowers sustainable, or not?

Sustainability is determined by knowing where flowers are coming from and how they are grown. Are chemicals being used to control pests and feed the soil, or are more natural methods being used? Are they grown far away and have to travel long distances, increasing their carbon footprint? In floristry, a big component of its environmental impact is how much non-compostable or non-reusable waste is leftover after the event. Will things break down into microplastics? Can we reuse the mechanics being used? A good reminder:  always ask, ‘Can it be reduced, reused, and/or recycled?’


What kind of flowers will be in season for my event?

The seasons on Vancouver Island can vary,  year to year, but we have a general idea of what might be growing each month. Working with the seasons means we don’t have control over what flowers will be blooming and when. As a client, it’s best to be prepared to trust nature as well as your florist to create a beautiful design with what’s available in the season. We recommend exploring colour palettes and choosing a style that you prefer, rather than exact flowers, as part of the design process.